Mission Statement: A Christian based sports performance training company dedicated to helping athletes enhance their athletic performance through faith, sports performance, nutrition, and recovery.

Everyday is a an opportunity to get better! Take the steps that will help you achieve your ultimate goals.

There is a current problem for athletes who are eager to enhance their physical and psychological performance while being in a positive environment. Exult is here to solve this problem through scripture, exercise education, nutrition advice, mental awareness, and proper recovery. Welcome to Exult Performance!

“Exult in his holy name, let all those who seek the Lord rejoice” Psalm 105:3.


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Hi, my name is Andrew Ramirez. I am the founder of Exult Performance, but all the credit goes to God for blessing me with this life changing and impactful company. I have a passion for helping athletes live a healthier lifestyle and helping them improve their performance in their sport. My goal is to help my athletes see how sports performance training can help them change their lives for the better! 

I am the current head sports performance coach for Exult and my journey first started in middle school. I was first introduced to weight lifting by my middle school head football coach. I fell in love with getting stronger, getting faster, and becoming mentally sound.

Being a young student-athlete, it was faith, sports, fitness, education, family, and friends that encompassed my day. It became a lifestyle for me at such a young age. As I got older and entered high school, my team and I won three state championships while also receiving defensive MVP for my last championship game. I realized my faith, exercise, nutrition, and mindset was a huge part of my joy and success. 

When I got to college, it was the same formula that kept my joy and helped me see success as a walk-on collegiate football player. My team and I won two conference championships and was given multiple special teams sweet performer awards. As I was getting ready for each level, I found it difficult to find a coaches who had the knowledge to help me improve my athletic performance for my sport. I realized that there was little resources to help athletes and for them to have access to information to take their training to the next level.

Thus, Exult Performance was born!!

I see so many different performance companies that tell you what you need to do, but don’t have any clue that it goes far greater than exercise and nutrition. To some, this may be overwhelming, but to many this can be eye opening. What if I told  your physical, mental, recovery, nutrition, and spiritual well-being is a huge piece of the puzzle. Having intentional actions towards these aspects of your overall well being will help you enjoy your athletic fitness journey more and help you achieve far more goals than you have imagined. If you are still reading this, it is no coincidence that you are here! I believe you have been led here for a reason – it is time to make this lifestyle/training change!

You are not alone, the Exult community is right here to support you every step of the way. I also believe God is going to be with you every step of the way with this new lifestyle change.

As I am a graduate of Azusa Pacific Univeristy and received my bachelors degree in Applied Exercise Science, I also am certified as a performance enhancement specialist and personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Though I have mentioned the four pillars of Exult Performance (faith, sports performance, nutrition, and recovery) our programming is science based and is constantly being evolved with new research coming out each year. I’m excited that you are choosing us to help guide you to take those new steps! Welcome to Exult Performance! 

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Founded in 2018

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